Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is HDMI?
A: HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is the first and only industry-supported, uncompressed, all-digital audio/video interface. By delivering crystal-clear, all-digital audio and video via a single cable, HDMI dramatically simplifies cabling and helps provide consumers with the highest-quality home theater experience. HDMI provides an interface between any audio/video source, such as a set-top box, DVD player, or A/V receiver and an audio and/or video monitor, such as a digital television (DTV), over a single cable.

Q: What is a COMPONENT wire?
You will need the component connection if you have a DVD player that is not HDMI compatible or bought after 2008 as a new model, especially if you intend to connect the HD-TV to it. Also if you are using a TV that does not support HDMI you will need a component wire connection. If the TV is HD without HDMI it will have the component connection available as an input on the back of the TV, it will be labeled comp. 1 or 2  and/or  R/G/B  1 or 2. The colors are red, green and blue you can see the back of the TV or DVD player to see if you have these colored connections and if they are labeled.

Q: Why should i use a professional contractor instead of the store i bought the TV from?
A: By using a PRO you get a warranty on the labor, and if there is a problem you have a support number to call and you get a real person who is a technician, not a clerk or secretary.  Also you will have avoided additional charges and high, in-store prices on materials, which are marketed by the product you are buying ( it's an addition to the sale). So, its a goal of the sales person to sell you as much as you will buy, not to get you the right materials for installation.  The store will charge you an install fee that covers administrative fees, mngmnt. Sales people, insurance and warranty. But, you can't ever get any one to answer the phone at the store that can help you with your problem, because it is not in their job description, they only answer phones, hardly. The store will most likely call a/the contractor in the end, and he holds insurance anyway. It is also his job to know the answer to the question you have about your newly installed system. So, leave the store or hang up the phone with the store and call your local Audio/Video installation contractor at 859-393-1449.

Q: What wall mounting bracket will i need & how do i choose from the many types?
A: Decide/Determine the size of your TV example- ( my TV is a 46 inch Flat Panel TV  LCD ). If you do not know the size of your TV, you can take a measuring tape and measure the screen from corner to corner diagonally  ( only the screen area not the frame ) this will tell you the size of your TV.  To determine if you have a PLASMA or an LCD. Plasma has a mirrored surface and has a glare or reflection. LCD has NO reflection and is not mirrored at all.  LCD can use a Flat mount bracket more often due to its lack of glare issues. Plasma will need a TILT mount bracket in more cases due to it's glare issues.

Decide/determine at what height you will want your TV on the wall, this will determine if you need a TILT mount or a FLAT/FIXED mount. Here is some help, If you are mounting over a fireplace you will need at least a TILTING bracket to allow the TV to lean down towards you while in sitting position.  If you are wanting to have your TV mounted on the wall, placing the TV at over 3.5ft. to 4.5ft. off the floor, you will need a TILT mount to comfortably watch the TV while sitting down.

When mounting the TV lower at 4ft. or below a FIXED/FLAT mount bracket will do fine, as you will not need to tilt the TV to watch comfortably.

Mounting your TV in a CORNER on the wall, you will need a CANTILEVER mounting bracket. This will allow the TV to extend away from the wall in a manor that allows the TV to turn and be set to caddy a corner. A cantilever mounting bracket can also be used to allow the TV to extend out away from the wall and turn left to right for the purpose of being viewed from more than one angle or room ( if rooms are adjacent or open ).

Tilt brackets are most used for glare and height issues.

Flat mount brackets are most used for commercial standard use or low mounted TVs or to save a few dollars, sacrificing the tilt (because they are less costly).

Cantilever mounting brackets are most used for corner mounts and to view the TV from more than one area or room.

Q:  Can i get it mounted here or there?
A:  It is likely that we can mount it where ever you like but, we need to see the location to tell you for sure, if it can be done ( if it is a special request custom).

Q: Can I get my TV put over a fireplace?
A: Yes, we can mount a TV over almost any fireplace.

Q: Will I be able to use my fireplace with my TV over it?
A: Yes, you can if we mounted it. We will not mount the TV over your fireplace if it will be capable of transfering too much heat to the TV area. Also Most fireplaces are built with a mantle or heat deflector to the room, yet there are cases where it is not suggested.

Q: Why should i use HDMI?
A: Your TV was more expensive due to the NEW  HDMI  technology. If you do not use it you will not get your money worth. Also! the picture IS going to be better, you will be on an HD format better than before. In the end you can stand back and say i paid all this money, and i am not even there yet . The only thing in your way is a wire. You should use it if its available, it will keep you current for the future.

Q: How far from my TV should i set my furniture?
A: This is determined by the type of TV you are using, the size of your room and how high off the floor your TV is set.

Q: What is included in my install?
A: A warranty that cover your labor and materials for 1 year to life, customer service , Labor, Touchless Service Policy allowing a clean, perfect install.

Q: Is moving the power supply( exst.electrical outlet) up included in the install?
A: The electrical outlet is NOT included in the install price, there must be an electrical outlet in place for use or an ELECTRICAL BRIDGE must be purchased (@ a lower cost than an electrical outlet) to conceal the power wire.

A: An electrical bridge is a method used to power the TV, by transferring the power from the Surge protector to the TV allowing the TV to be protected by the surge protector at the components location below the TV. Rather than plugging into a regular electrical outlet that does NOT allow the TV to be protected by the Surge protector, Also! Allowing the power cord to be out of sight.

Q: Will there be additional charges?
A:  For those who have had a site survey the answer is NO (unforeseen circumstances are always a possibility) . However, For those who have not had a site survey , the install rate does not cover outside standard procedure for the scope of work described in each install disclaimer, any work that does not fall into the mentioned scope may require additional charges (unforeseen circumstances or additional materials added to the install that are not included in the description of the package).

Q: How long does an install take?
A: The install times vary as so: basic on-wall--2.5hrs...over fireplace--3.5hrs...add 1 hr per speaker pair. (Structure allowing)

Q: When do i place my order or schedule an install?
A: As soon as possible, due to schedule conflictions it would be best to get your time frame reserved, before someone else does.

Q: Does the install include the wall mounting bracket?
A: It depends on whether or not you have a special offer coupon. Otherwise no, our install rates do not include the bracket or wires.

Q: What if i need some thing done that is not on my W/O or included in my install?
A: We can do it for you right then and there as long as the extra time does not cause a conflict in the installers daily schedule ( determined by the on-site installer ). Also ! you get to deduct 10% from your install rate when you add on, we encourage you to get the most out of our techs while you have them there. The price will be determined by calling us at our main line 859-393-1449 and report any additional work you want done and we will add it on with the deduction and inform the installer of the changes for you.

Q: Can i get my TV installed today or tomorrow?
A: Yes, we would like to hear from you by 12:00 noon to get you in the system for installation.

Q: Can I have only 1 remote control?
A: We have several solution for remote control consolidation available YES.

Q: Why do we not have a shopping cart?
A: Because we don't take your money until the job is complete, sure we would love to have it, but why should you have to pre-pay? We can offer professional service "COD" NO OBLIGATIONS until the job is surveyed and you have agreed to begin the install.

Q: Why are our prices so low?
A: Because we are true professionals, and we enjoy our work. We have tools that make it so easy, and we are dedicated to making a difference in the PRICE of Home Electronics Installations. Also we are very interested in having you as a valued customer, so we compete.

Q: Will all my wires be hidden?
A: YES, we always strive for in-wall wire concealment but not all structure allows it so we have many other wire concealment solutions for that process.

Q: Do we provide a FREE on-site survey?
A: We do offer a FREE on-site survey for all customers with-in 45 miles of either of our 2 home offices

Q: How much is a  site survey for me? I don't have an office location with-in 45 miles of me!
A: We will still give you the site survey for FREE . However, we will have to charge you a TRIP ($65.00) charge for the cost of travel.

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